Sunday, April 3, 2011

Response ...

In response to my recent post on Moderate American Muslims ... a recipient of that email wrote back ... at the end is my reply

I find it hard to believe there are no moderate Muslims because of the
butchering of this family. It is more likely that the moderate Muslims are more
afraid if the extremists find out they have taken a side other then theirs.
Cowardly? Possibly. It's hard for me to accept an all or nothing point of
view. One would hope whether they fear of retaliation or not they would still
come forward and denounce any wrong doing by one of their own.

Powerless and isolated within their own mosques it's not hard to understand
the silence. Labeling the masses in any religion is just as wrong as them not
coming forward and denouncing the murders and wrong doings. Our history as
Jews surely shows this.

We are watching history take place in the Middle East. Should we be
concerned with the fundamentalists taking control (God Forbid)? Absolutely! I
pray that wont happen as I know all Jews do. Iran is our biggest threat to
having this happen.

I find no advantage in further isolating the American moderate Muslims
(however many there are here) considering the line they are walking. Although I
would like to see more of them step up and take the risk that their brothers
in arms are willing to die for.

I believe we have a unique opportunity to help free these regime burdened
peoples in the middle east and around the world. We should embrace the
opportunity and have faith our way of life is what they're truly after and not
the annihilation of our peoples because of our race color or creed.

In the end result only history will tell and as much as we would like to
believe we can control the outcome we are all powerless to a peaceful end. I
truly believe that without a good freedom fight by the parties affected
there can be no basis for a continued peaceful future. Look at what our own
country went thru and how many Veterans died for because they believed our way
of life was worth dying for!

Peace = Compassion and Kindness

In reply:

While what you say has merit ... the problem is that we are being naive to thing that they only reason they do not stand up is fear for their lives ... in the United States there are Muslim organizations and they do not speak out on these issues against violence except for the token response just like the Palestinian leadership ... they say it nicely in English and turn around and in Arabic say congratulations ... Saudi Arabia provides a stipend for families of suicide bombers ... American TV talks about the modern progressive very small minority of Arabs who are educated ... unfortunately they are not in leadership positions nor are they likely to be in one in our life times ... the spot light does not shine on Palestinian schools, television and media that depicts Jews as vermin ... it does not point out that in Egypt for the entire time of the peace treaty Mubarak never did anything but lip service to promote peace with Israel ... neither in the education system nor in the newspapers - he allowed Israel and Jews to be the demon that was causing all the problems of the land ...

So, I am not denouncing any vast majority of any group ... I am just sick of the public and the Media speaking about Moderate Muslim Arabs ... remember they consider Assad of Syria a moderate as he murders his own people and continues military rule over his people.

If there really are moderates let the speak out in English and Arabic ... and let the Media report reality not the fiction they would hope might be reality

Yes, there is some very small glimmer of hope but remember the same American group that went and determined that the Taliban could be a positive influence ... the CIA ... are now interviewing the rebels in Libya ... there track record is not so good ... remember they did not see the over throw of the Shah of Iran ... the dictator we put in power .... they did not see any of these revolts coming ... so their track record and judgement is questionable

these are scary times and it is important to shine the light on the darkness ...


Moderate American Muslims

Reading the news lately and for the most part that would be newspapers, news weekly magazines both in print as well as online a couple a thought has been reconfirmed.

There are no moderate Muslims in America … there is no Peace Now Muslim Movement.

How do I arrive at this conclusion? Let us go back a short while ago. There is a particular bigoted pastor in Florida who by his own reading of his religious text determined that it would be proper to desecrate another religions holy book. He decided that it would be proper as a Christian to burn a copy of the Koran and burn it in as public a manner as he could. Prior to his declaration, pretty much no one outside his community had ever heard of him. The next step was for the media to make this a real event by broadcasting it all over the world. The Pentagon and State Department were interviewed. Apparently, no one in his religious order above told him that this would not be a very Christian thing to do and even if they did … he did it anyway.

Now, I want to be very clear. He was absolutely wrong on so many counts. The Koran is a book, a symbol. The Koran is on the same level with the Jewish Torah - the Five Books of Moses - and the Christian New Testament. So, the pastor was wrong.

Almost a year later, Afghan Muslims finally get the word about what happened in northern Florida. Apparently their CNN and Fox News is delay or censored. Well, they got the news and then decided the appropriate response would be to murder seven (7) United Nations workers and seriously wound over 80 more people.

Now burning holy book is bad but murdering people because of it certainly worse.

In all of those news outlets, I did not read about or hear about one American Muslim group denouncing these murders. Not one real outcry against senseless murders which was supposedly because of the burning.

A couple of weeks ago, there was another incident you may have missed it because Time Magazine did not cover it and most news outlets buried in deep within their publications. Palestinian Arab Muslim terrorists broke into a Jewish home in the middle of the night and butchered both parents. Then, they murdered three small children by cutting their throats as they slept. This was a horrendous act by any definition. There is no possibility of saying that there is an excuse or justifiable reason … there is no reason that would justify the butchering of this family.

Again, you may not have heard about this gruesome murder because the media did not warrant it significantly newsworthy. It was no where near as newsworthy as some unknown pastor burning a book.

But my point is, once again there was no outcry from the moderate American Muslim community calling for an end to the murder of Jews. No American Muslim outcry for the ending of suicide bombers walking around Jerusalem looking for a good spot to blow themselves up and murder innocent civilians. No American Muslim moderates calling for the end of Palestinian rockets being launched daily against Jewish Israeli civilians.

Why not? The reason why there is no outcry, no one for the media to interview is that evidently there are no Moderate American Muslims. Don’t even ask about Liberal American Muslims. Can you imagine a counter part to the Jewish Israeli Peace Now Group … the Muslim Peace Now Movement demanding that Palestinians stop killing and accept one of the numerous offers of peace presented by numerous Israeli governments over the years. Well, apparently they do not exist so you can not ask them.

Maybe if there were Moderate American Muslims they could start with protesting the education system in the Palestinian controlled school. The schools that continue to teach their children that the only good Jew is a dead Jew and that the Palestinian state will include Tel Aviv and Haifa. Of course, the worldwide media does not deem this newsworthy either.

The reason you do not hear these cries for Moderation is that there are NO AMERICAN MODERATE OR LIBERAL MUSLIMS only those apparently have no problem with killing United Nations workers or Jews sleeping in their bed.

Instead we get stories about young professionals in the disputed territories texting about change. Just like there are similar stories about their Egyptian counterparts. We get these stories as if they were meaningful. In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood is poised to take control and in Gaza Hamas murders its opponents. Text away young Arab professionals about how you want change but keep in mind you will get no support from AMERICAN MODERATE OR LIBERAL MUSLIMS because they do not exist.