Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hope For Change Continues

Later today, the President will make what has been described as a major speech to the Muslim world. His goal as has been presented is to open the door to a new and improved relationship with the 1.5 Billion Muslims worldwide. So what will he say?

He will be making his speech from Cairo, Egypt. A few thoughts on that speech.

The speech is in Egypt a major American ally in the region. The second largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid after Israel. The were receiving in the neighborhood of $3 Billion per year. They have one of the most repressive dictatorships in the region which is a major accomplishment. They do not have a free press.

He has invited the Muslim Brotherhood representatives to sit on the stage behind him to apparently his new openness towards all Muslims. This is the same Muslim Brotherhood that was responsible for the assassination of Anwar Sadat for his outreach to Israel.The same Brotherhood which is working to overthrow the current Egyptian government. The same Muslim Brotherhood which publicly aids Al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah in their terrorist activities.

He will need to address the U.S. actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Say what you will about why we went to Iraq but the dictator is gone and they have had open elections. Now you can say ... Shiite are killing Sunni and vice versa ... but then they have been doing that for almost 1,500 years. Afghanistan? Well, they have never had a free country. A portion of the country can actually decide how they will live their lives free of Taliban religious oppression. Will he apologize?

Will he talk about the Syrian government which has a history of killing tens of thousands of its own people because they are from the wrong tribe?

Will he ask why in Saudi Arabia that women can not drive a car in public?

Will ask why in Muslim countries women are given second rate educations and not allowed to make a meaningful contribution to the welfare of their own countries.

Will he announce how he will get the Israelis to bend over so the Palestinians can shove it up their butts in the name of peace. Or will he say publicly that the Palestinians must begin to teach their children that a Jewish Israel has a right to exist? Will he apologize for our support of Israeli, the only democracy in the region?

What will he say?

Will he apologize for all of America's faults like he did in Europe?

Will he overlook the fact that almost every Muslim nation is ruled by a dictator? Will he overlook the fact the women have almost no rights in many of those nations? Will he overlook the fact America has a free press, free elections, an education system that allows for the free exchange of ideas and these do not exist in the majority of Muslim nations?

America is not perfect, it has made mistakes but we should never apologize to a world for those mistakes to those who will not allow women to drive a car, where to speak against the government is grounds for the death penalty, to group of people who believe that if only the Palestinians had their own state it would make their own poverty go away ... give the Palestinians a nation and the dictatorship they live on will melt away.

Mr. President ... please remember that America stands for freedom and our mistakes are a small number of grains of sand on the beach standing in front of the Muslim world which promotes routine ruthless treatment of its own people. So, please do not apologize.